18-24 Months Old

Children at around 18 months go through a process of individualization and developing an experience of separateness from their parents. The Montessori system promotes feelings of intelligence, self-confidence and strength by providing as many activities as possible to encourage them to be independent in their own little ways.

Practical Life

In the Kitchen

  • Self Feeding
  • Unloading the Dishes and Maintaining Their Own “Space” in the Cabinet
  • Washing Vegetables or Fruits
  • Washing Dishes
  • Cleaning up Spills
  • Wiping Tables and Counters
  • Sweeping, Upgrading to Push Broom
  • Picking Out His or Her Own Snacks from Pantry
  • Putting Out Dishes and Returning Dirty Dishes to Kitchen Sink and/or Dishwasher
  • Opening and Closing Snack Containers
  • Helping Set His or Her Place for Snacks and Meals
  • Preparing Meal: Mixing Batter

Self Care

  • Maintaining A Dressing Station At Entryway
  • Using Hand Washing Station
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Brushing Hair and Washing Hair
  • Dressing and Undressing

Care for the Environment

  • Carrying Work Carefully on Trays
  • Cleaning Up After Self
  • Working Within A Mat or Rug
  • Using Trays to Contain Materials and Return to Proper Place
  • Washing A Window

Care For Others

  • Caring for Animals: Feeding A Pet
  • Caring for Animals: Feeding the Fish and Dusting the Fish Tank
  • Caring for Animals: Filling a Bird Feeder and A Bird Bath
  • Caring for Plants: Seed Germination, Growing Seedlings and Watering Plants

Grace And Courtesy

  • Teaching Please and Thank You
  • Teaching Gentle Manners

Motor Work

  • Pouring
  • Scooping
  • Spooning
  • Lacing
  • Stacking

Cognitive Development

  • Matching Work
  • Family Recognition
  • Art Appreciation
  • Music Appreciation


  • Reading and Verbal


  • Counting
  • Sorting

Sensory Exploration

  • Water Tables
  • Nature Exploration
  • Introducing the Life Cycles of Animals